About us

About Anova Health

Anova Health, founded in 2009, is the Integrative Practitioner’s center for premium nutritional health products, biological medicine therapies and equipment technologies.

Our centralized distribution center provides accessibility of 33 professional select product lines.  Anova proudly manufactures and distributes highly effective impact products such as Avinocort, Avinotropin, and MBM Ultra. 

Physician owned and operated, Anova Health supports the healthcare practitioner in increasing value and efficacy to their patients by providing an Integrative approach to nutritional, functional, biological, regenerative and energetic medicine. 

The Anova Health's  5Phasic Healing Model and System, developed and taught by Dr. Frank, is a therapeutic tool designed for practitioners who want to broaden their scope of effective treatments and integrate new and existing modalities. 

Owners, Dr. Frank Charles, and Elaine Charles, CEO, are bridging modern medical services, cutting edge research and equipment technologies with functional and biological assessment models of treatment and healing.  

Anova Health offers high quality core products including whole food powders, supplements, enzymes, homeopathic remedies, and exclusive impact products to assist the practitioner in achieving highly effective treatment protocols. 

Conveniently located in Greenville South Carolina, Anova Health successfully services regional and national markets. 

Anova Health is Education driven. The Learning Center at Anova University is accessible to our practitioners after log in.

The talented and professional personnel at Anova Health are prepared to support your needs and enhance your customer service experience. 

Why Anova Health for You?


Choose products from top level technologies across a select group of the most reputable and solid companies in the business ALL UNDER ONE ROOF. We deliver convenience for you and your staff with time and money savings for your practice.


We help healthcare practices grow and expand by developing PROFIT CENTERS with our web capabilities and services.  Our patient order fulfillment site can alleviate the expense and time of ordering and handling of products, credit card transactions and fees, and the expenditure of your resources on slow turning or lost inventory.  Become profitable from day one with our Virtual Dispensary. 


Dr. Frank’s 5 Phasic Healing Model and System 

Research Driven Education with The Learning Center Anova Health University offering webinars, videos, research resources, and time tested and proven protocols

ANOVA HEALTH collaborates with leading companies to provide YOU, the physician educator, with the highest level products, research and training

Finest Quality Core Products

Superb technical support for new and emerging technologies

Cutting edge Proprietary Products developed by Anova Health

Over 6000 products to choose from

Regional and National Sales Office

Impeccable Customer Service


 Anova University is a digital library for up-to-date information on our product lines, individual products, and practice implementation.  After you log in to our Product Knowledge Base, you can access:

*Informative recorded webinars

*Brochures for education and increased patient compliance


*Research articles and white papers

*Data Sheets

UNIQUE cutting edge technologies:  Medical Technology from MULTISCAN:

 The Multiscan Pro is the most advanced, broad based, physiological monitoring medical device available today.  The Mulitscan Pro model adds a new dimension to practices, while bringing critical data for better decision making, patient engagement, increased patient compliance and  successful achievement of patient-oriented goals. 

Learn to assess your patients’:

*Body Composition Analysis

*Hemodynamic factors

*Cardiovascular and microcirculation capacity and health

*Autonomic system response stress response

*3D Tissue health modeling

**And much more!


Meet our team

Dr. Frank Charles, ND

Dr. Frank Charles co-founded Anova Health in 2009. His dedication to practitioners as a resource for quality, diversity  and specialty products as well as physician education is his passion. Dr. Charles carries a deep commitment to furthering the integration of functional, biological, and energetic medicine.

Dr. Charles began his career in 1991 providing natural health and nutritional services to clients in Minneapolis, MN. He received his Doctor of Naturopathy degree from Westbrook University in 1995. Dr. Charles has served in the roles of clinician, case manager, consultant and highly successful speaker throughout his career. He has held positions in sales and management with leading nutritional and biological technology companies including Neuroscience, King Bio Pharmaceuticals, Transformation Enzyme Corp., Biotics Research and Biosan Labs.

The Anova Health 5Phase Integrative Healing System (IHS) he synthesized is now being used as an educational model and therapy selection guide for the integrative practitioners and patients. Dr. Charles has continued his extensive studies in Functional Medicine, Biological Medicine, Energetic Healing, Mind-Body Medicine and Stem Cell Therapies.

He continues to research, teach, consult and network among diverse groups within the medical and healing arts communities.

Elaine Charles
Ms. Charles co-founded Anova Health in 2009, working in the capacity of CEO, CFO, Human Resources and operations management. Ms. Charles is an experienced CFO, Corporate Officer, Controller, Accounting and Human Resource Manager of companies ranging in sales from $2 million to $80 million in annual revenue. Her experience has been in the startup and capitalization of high tech manufacturing and established manufacturing and service companies.

Previously Ms. Charles acted as the CFO for MedProperties Capital Partners Fund I and II performing all of the financial reporting, coordination of the annual audit and oversight of the internal accounting process and ERP system. She worked on the managment team overseeing 10 billion dollars in medical real estate for the Funds.

Ms. Charles started her career in public accounting with Touche Ross as an independent auditor and a consultant with the Small Business Department in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has consulted on operational financial management issues, capital financing structures and prepared business plans and financial projections for IPO and external capital financing. She later went on her own as a consultant drafting business plans and financial projects for companies such as Select Comfort to obtain their initial seed capital. Select Comfort is now a world leader in the manufacturing and sales of adjustable air beds. She has held several positions as an accounting supervisor and corporate controller.

In 1999, Ms. Charles moved her family to Asheville, NC from Minneapolis. In 2005 to 2007, she joined the management team of Jacob Holm Industries America as Corporate Controller and Officer of their US entity. This team built a 200,000 square foot green field plant installing a $65 million non-woven line in 9 months. Ms. Charles was in charge of implementing a global comprehensive SAP financial software installation including ADICOM shop floor reporting software. This implementation included the French, German and US plants in addition to the Switzerland headquarters. Ms. Charles managed the US accounting staff and implemented electronic banking software for worldwide payments, a comprehensive employee benefit program and a global financial reporting package with key performance metrics. In 2008, Milliken and Company located in Spartanburg, SC, recruited Ms. Charles to consult on their global SAP implementation project as the Corporate Accounting liaison with the Chemical Division leadership and SAP consultants.

Mrs. Charles holds a Bachelor of Applied Studies Degree in Small Business Management from the University of Minnesota.