Amrita Aromatherapy Sweet Restoration Synergy Blend 10 ml


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sub Category:
Essential Oils
Type of delivery:
Essential Oil
Ingredient 1:
Essential Oil Rosemary
Ingredient 2:
Essential Oil Lavender
Ingredient 3:
Essential Oil Lavandin

Product Overview

Sweet Restoration SynergyTM is meant to support energy levels during daily activity while maintaining a centered, calm place within. It is great for diffusing at the workplace.

The ingredients of Sweet Restoration are Rosemary, Lavender Extra and Sweet Lavandin Essential Oils.

Sweet Restoration is a traditional French aromatherapy formula excellent for maintaining a sense of groundedness and inner balance. This fresh, herbal blend is perfect for use during work hours to avoid getting stressed out during that time.

Sweet Restoration is perfect for demanding situations such as surgery, an illness, a cross-country move and all kinds of life challenges that we encounter each day.

How to Use:

Rosemary, Lavender Extra and Sweet Lavandin Essential Oils

Safety Precautions
Avoid use if you have epilepsy or hypertension or are pregnant.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review