Avino MIC 1 oz bottle - 6 pack


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metabolism and energy enhancing, high potency B vitamins, delivered in a specialized absorption enhancing delivery system. This formula can also provide a thermogenic effect to increase base metabolic rate and fat burning capabilities. Great for those who are looking for added support in their weight loss regimen. Also an alternative to those who are candidates for MIC Lipotroic injections or who are currently taking MIC or Lipotropic injections and need the increased basal metabolic rate to be sustained in between scheduled injections.
Benefits include:
Metabolic Enhancement
Contains concentrated growth factors that increase and sustain metabolism
Detoxifies fats and bile from the liver
Detoxifies body of heavy metals and toxic byproducts from high protein diets
Stops muscle breakdown during calorie restriction or increased cardiovascular activities



(No reviews yet) Write a Review