How important is adrenal function? How many conditions today have their roots in elevated cortisol levels or low cortisol and DHEA levels?

For many years now Anova Health has been touting the benefits of nutrient sources that can help to modulate adrenal stress and thereby improve energy, mental function, mood elevation, sleep patterns, tissue repair, insulin levels and a host of other conditions.

Anova Health is now very excited to introduce AvinoCort. AvinoCort IS NOT just another vitamin, mineral or herbal supplement. It is a whole new powerful technology that includes an array of growth factors, peptides, regulating proteins and stem cell activators derived from avian embryonic fluid tissue extracts.

Now we have a better tool to really support and help repair the adrenals from the excessive stress of today’s stimulus bombarded and stressed society.

AvinoCort is a very unique source of stem cells and naturally occurring GROWTH FACTORS that act as powerful adrenal modulators and cellular and tissue repair factors. AvinoCort has many additional benefits because of an array of concentrated avian pre embryonic growth factors, stem cells and oligopeptides.

Here are just a few benefits that most people notice within a relatively short period of time: better stamina, deeper sleep, mental clarity, improvement in blood sugar balance from improved insulin and leptin balance, and aster anabolic activity for cell and tissue repair benefits.

As a natural health practitioner, you can appreciate the many short term and long term benefits of better cortisol to DHEA ratios. Slower aging and improved anabolic processes include muscle mass retention, improved ability to recover, repair and build muscle. In addition, blood tests have shown dramatic improvement in blood sugars and lipid level ratios.

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