Imagine the strength gains of HGH, the healing powers of a hyperbaric chamber, and the hormone balancing of HCG with the total system regeneration of a full matrix of powerful growth factors to repair tissues and joints.

There has never been a supplement like Avinotropin and Avinotropin PLUS

Avinotropin Plus is a specialized 43:1 concentrated extract of deer antler velvet and the only IGF product that contains a full matrix of growth factors uniquely delivered and processed to allow for maximum absorption and effectiveness. It is the only all-natural proprietary matrix to deliver 100 mcg of IGF-1 per bottle of Avinotrophin PLUS and 45 mcg of IGF-1 per bottle of Avinotropin in addition to the full GF matrix. It is also the only IGF supplement that is produced with a revolutionary reverse suspension ethanol filtration system. This system is technologically designed to stimulate buccal mucosa glands which are responsible for maximum absorption.

For centuries, deer antler velvet has been revered in China and other eastern countries for its vast array of health benefits arising from its micro nutrient complex. These nutrients include stem cells, multiple growth factors, amino acids, free form amino acids, hormones, minerals, vitamins, proteins, glycoconjugates, glycosaminoglycans, linolenic acid, phospholipids and sphingolipids. Avinotropin Plus is being touted as a very important, unique and significant recently re-discovered multi nutrient product in sports enhancement and anti-aging circles.

What Makes Avinotropin AND Avinotropin PLUS SO SUPERIOR?

  1. A full, potent 100 mcg per 30 ml bottle in Avinotropin PLUS and 45 mcg per 30 ml bottle in Avinotropin of the highest grade deer antler velvet available today.
  2. The only 43:1 concentrate technology delivering a naturally occurring active IGF-1 (based on independent third party assays). Powders and capsule forms of deer antler velvet can deliver some beneficial nutrients but not concentrated significant amounts of growth factors.
  3. Of significance, deer antler velvet should be in a glass bottle since plastic bottles bind and interact, destroying IGF-1, IGF-2 and other growth factors. Potassium sorbate chemically destroys IGF-1, IGF-2 and other growth factors.
  4. Totally vertically integrated manufacturer from ranch to labeled product controlling quality of deer diet for richer raw material to production technologies.
  5. The only IGF supplement that is produced with a revolutionary reverse suspension ethanol filtration system for maximum buccal gland absorption and tissue transport.
  6. Flat out the most effective product per 30 ml bottle of product available anywhere today.

Avinotropin and Avinotropin PLUS Sports Performance BENEFITS:

  • Improved endurance training (like high altitude training)
  • Improved recovery with massive 02 cell production
  • Improved joint health from power lifting
  • Improved recovery from intense training
  • Improved muscle definition & maturity
  • Reduce belly fat without lean muscle loss
  • Stop muscle breakdown at night as an all natural anti-catabolic
  • Acts as an amino acid supplement including all 20 major amino acids
  • Adds additional free amino acids
  • Regulates cortisol levels
  • Improves athletic performance by creating fast/slow twitch muscle fibers-myosin production
  • Helps with joint health and absorption of glucosamine & chondroitin

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