MBi Nutraceuticals Stone Root Complex Herbal Combination 90 Capsules


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Ingredient 1:
Stone Root
Ingredient 2:
Milk Thistle
Ingredient 3:
Witch Hazel bark

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MBi Nutraceuticals Stone Root Complex Herbal Combination 90 Capsules


Treat hemorrhoids with an herbal based product.



Stone Root Complex works to shrink the enlarged blood vessels that cause the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. This product also works to detoxify the liver and improve liver health by utilizing the natural powers of vitamins and herbs instead of chemicals.



NUTRITIONAL FUNCTIONS Stone Root finds its main use in the prevention of stones and gravel in the urinary system and the gallbladder. It can be used as a prophylactic but is also excellent when the body is in need of help in passing stones or gravel. It may also help eliminate water that causes ankle or hand swelling. Stone Root may be used to help irritable bowels and colitis (inflammation of the colon). Stone Root has also been used as a tonic for the cardiovascular system and has been used in traditional medicine to aid varicose veins, laryngitis, diverticulosis, dysentery, colitis, and various digestive disorders. Milk Thistle seeds are used in a variety of preparations to detoxify the body. Milk thistle contains silymarin, an antioxidant ten times as strong as vitamin E, and a very potent remedy for the liver. It works by preventing free radical damage and promoting the synthesis of new protein to replace damaged liver cells. Milk thistle also protects the liver from poisoning and is effective in treating liver problems. Milk thistle is used by lactating mothers to increase milk production. It is used to treat jaundice, chronic liver and gallbladder disorders such as cirrhosis, gallstones and hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. Milk thistle is also used to treat damage to the liver caused by alcohol abuse. Witch Hazel is for venous congestion, hemorrhages, varicose veins, painful open wounds, weak blood, sore pain in eyes, bloodshot eyes, nose bleeding, varicosis of the throat, feels burning, throbbing pain in the stomach, ovarian congestion, sore muscles and joints, chilliness in back and hips, varicose veins, and tramatic inflammations. Cascara Sagrada is used for constipation, a tonic for gallstones and liver ailments, hemorrhoids, as an aperient, diuretic, emetic, laxative, and is used for poisons and as a purgative. Parsley is a healthful garnish, a condiment, and is used for congestion of the kidney, gravel, jaundice and stones. Bruised leaves are used to alleviate insect bites, and to get rid of skin parasites and lice. Vitamin E prevents damage to blood cells due to free radical oxygen and with selenium helps protect the liver and other organs from damage. It builds up the cell walls and all the organs of the body, and builds up the muscles and tendons. Zinc helps with wound healing, loss of taste, sperm production, sexual maturation, poor appetite, alcoholism, cirrhosis, increased cholesterol, and heart disease. Recommendations As a dietary supplement, take two capsules three times daily following meals or as directed by your health care professional. Do not exceed eight capsules per day.

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