Transformation Enzymes H-Drain 1 oz


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Ingredient 1:
Ginger Root
Ingredient 2:
Sarsaparilla Root Extract
Ingredient 3:
Yellow Dock Root Extract

Product Overview

H-Drain- 1 oz

Supports blood rheology

Transformation’s H-Drain™ is a safe and effective formulation of herbal extracts specific for supporting blood rheology designed to assist the circulatory system in its normal daily functions.

Herbal Ingredients. The herbal extracts sarsaparilla, yellow dock, ginger, and burdock are included in this product to help support a healthy circulatory system.* Vegetarian Product. H-Drain™ is a liquid formula in a glycerine base. Glycerine (glycerol) is a sugar alcohol but is not metabolized the same as sugar and therefore will not negatively affect blood sugars. Natural Support. For optimum results, combine with a protease formula and K-Drain™ or L-Drain™.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review