The liposomal delivery system enhances bioavailability and allows for rapid release into the body by penetrating the mucosal tissues.

Your Energy System's products are made in the United States at an FDA inspected facility that meets strict cGMP ("current Good Manufacturing Practice") standards. Our liposome technology is unique. The ingredients and products are analyzed for stability and purity. Heavy metals, arsenic, mold, yeast, and bacteria are some of the things we test for in our products.

One of the goals of Your Energy Systems is to increase awareness of mitochondrial function and the role mitochondria play in our health. Mitochondria, the power houses of your cells that convert food into energy, are found in every cell in your body.

ReadiSorb Products are distributed by Your Energy Systems, LLC. The consulting physician, F. T. Guilford, M.D., has been using nutrient therapies for 20 years. For many of those years he has been studying the role of heavy metals and oxidative stress in clinical illness.

Interest in glutathione stemmed from the published research that metals, such as mercury, cause problems by creating oxidative stress and diminishing glutathione. ReadiSorb Glutathione was developed after years of clinical observation that individuals with toxic metal overload need glutathione supplementation.

Toxins, such as heavy metals, lead to an increase in the production of free radicals which can damage the mitochondria and surrounding cell structures. At the same time, these toxins decrease glutathione, which is needed to protect mitochondria from free radical damage.