Amrita Aromatherapy Blissful Balance Tri-Essence Power Blend 30 ml


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Essential Oils
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Essential Oil
Ingredient 1:
Essential Oil Neroli
Ingredient 2:
Essential Oil Lavender
Ingredient 3:
Essential Oil Cistus

Product Overview

Blissful Balance helps create centeredness amidst the stresses in daily life, especially for those who are high-strung. This blend relaxes and soothes the nervous system with a balancing, sedative effect.

The ingredients in Blissful Balance help you maintain a peaceful center. Staying grounded and being able to stay cool in stressful circumstances requires equal cooperation from both the mind and the body.

The nervous system is where mind-body interconnectedness is most clearly visible. Our brain sends nerve impulses down through the brainstem and the spinal cord out to the muscles to perform actions. Then our senses carry impulses with information back from the body up to the brain where these sensations are interpreted, and the cycle continues.

There is constant communication happening within the nervous system. This Tri-Essence blend directly nourishes the nervous system and supports healthy communication between the psyche and the physical body. Like all of the Tri-Essence PowerBlends, Blissful Balance works on three levels.

Use this formula to maintain a balanced and integrated nervous system; then regardless of the constant change going on, you can preserve a happy, healthy state of mind and body.


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How to Use:
Add 20-40 drops to a small amount of water and take when symptoms are present or as recommended by your healthcare advisor.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review