Amrita Aromatherapy Breathe Easy Synergy Blend 10 mL


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Essential Oils
Type of delivery:
Essential Oil
Ingredient 1:
Essential Oil Citronella
Ingredient 2:
Essential Oil Eucalyptus
Ingredient 3:
Essential Oil Siberian Fir

Product Overview

Breathe Easy helps protect you from respiratory problems in the cold season and encourages deeper breathing.

The ingredients of Breathe Easy are Citronella, Sweet Eucalyptus and Siberian Fir essential oils.

Breathing is an essential physical task for the bodys survival. While human beings can go without food for days, we cannot survive without oxygen for more than a few minutes. Breathing properly is essential to a good quality of life. Yoga teachings, which were developed thousands of years ago, harness the life-giving benefits of good-quality breathing in the form of pranayama techniques (breathing exercises).

Breathing not only takes in oxygen to nourish all the bodys organs but also removes toxins from the body. Breathe Easy is a synergy that can help you improve your well-being by helping you improve the quality of your breathing.

By reducing respiratory blockages and inviting more life-giving oxygen into the cells through deeper breathing, you can enjoy a wide range of health benefits, including more clarity, energy and lightness. Breathe Easy can help you enhance your breathing and thus enhance your life.


To encourage deep breathing or protect against respiratory problems:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review