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Bio Coffee
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Bio Coffee is a revolutionary product that repairs the damage done to the body from many different harmful substances consumed on a daily basis. When most of us get serious about our health, we begin to pay more attention to what we put in our body and generally tend to overlook what we take out of our body. However, both aspects (what we put in and what we take out) are critical to our overall health.

The purpose of food is to:

1. Provide the body with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs and;

2. Help the body get rid of the things it doesn't need.

If these two purposes are not met, the body's health and function is compromised. Since many of us do not pay enough attention to the second purpose, we end up doing more harm to our bodies than good. Bio Coffee solves this neglect. Primarily a digestive aid, Bio Coffee is specially formulated to fulfill both purposes simultaneously, thus leaving your body healthier than before.

Bio Coffee contains both prebiotics and probiotics

Prebiotics in Bio Coffee

Bio Coffee contains prebiotics which allows the body to get more out of the foods eaten by helping the body break down and absorb the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the foods consumed. This is vitally important since there is no benefit in eating the right foods if our bodies cannot extract the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients from them. Breaking down food into something the body can use, not only satisfies our hunger, but also gives our body what it craves for energy production, pain relief, cellular repair etc.

Having 3-5 servings of green vegetables per cup, Bio Coffee not only helps us break down and absorb what our bodies crave; it also comes packed with a host of vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body requires on a daily basis.

Thanks in large part to the fact that Bio Coffee contains nutrient rich wheatgrass, aeroponically and organically grown, the first half of maintaining overall health is not just achieved, it's entirely assured.

Probiotics in Bio Coffee

Probiotics help us move food through the gut. Bio Coffee contains natural probiotics which help get rid of the leftovers from our diet that the body doesnt need. The health balance probiotics support makes more sense when we understand that no matter how good the foods we eat are, if the body doesnt break them down and absorb them, they become waste. This waste, if not removed, rapidly starts to deteriorate our health. Think about it from this viewpoint- if your body doesnt use all the cholesterol you eat, and doesnt eliminate the excess, there is a build up that sooner or later will cause high cholesterol. The same goes for salt, sooner or later, one develops high blood pressure.

The process is even more exasperated when the body encounters something it cant recognize or break down such as processed or refined sugars. If the body doesnt recognize it, often it doesnt know what to do with it and pushes it to the side. This means a very small amount, if any, is being used and the majority is piling up thereby increasing the chances of high sugar levels, or more commonly known, sugar diabetes.

Bio Coffee is designed to eliminate all these digestive issues by ensuring the body gets what it needs, whilst getting rid of the waste it doesnt need. You will be amazed at your bodys performance once it has the fuel it needs AND no sludge to slow it down. Dont take our word for it though, see for yourself the wonders of Bio Coffee.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review