LifeBiotic Protectival 90 tabs

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Ingredient 1:
Patented Immune Blend
Ingredient 2:
Detox Blend
Ingredient 3:
Energy Blend

Product Overview

LifeBiotic Protectival 90 tabs

PROTECTIVAL Backed by Real Science

*15 years of Research *7 Hospitals and Universities * 9 Scientific Studies * Clinically tested

Protectival is the most researched product in integrative care, done in collaboration with oncologists and scientists from MD Anderson, Harvard University and other leading institutes.

Protectival is an advanced multi-faceted patented formulation of 14 highly concentrated bio active botanicals. Developed by Dr. Yair Maimon MD (Oncologist Israel) these botanicals were designed to work in synergy, creating a combine effect that is greater than that of its individual components.

Clinical research shows that individuals taking Protectival during chemotherapy are less likely to report symptoms such as fatigue, pain, nausea and vomiting.

Safety and efficacy of each ingredient as well as the entire compound has been verified in 100s of scientific research studies.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review