Trace Minerals ConcenTrace Tonic 32 oz.(formerly Ionic Tonic)


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Trace Minerals Concentrace 32 oz. (formerly  Ionic Tonic)

Balanced Trace Mineral Concentrate

32 oz.

  • with ConcenTrace®
  • Bio-active and Bio-available minerals
  • Natural energy boosting
  • Vegan

Mother Nature has a healthier alternative. Ionic Tonic is a naturally balanced and concentrated liquid trace mineral supplement developed to improve energy and overall health.

Harvested from the naturally occurring minerals in Utah's Great Salt Lake, Ionic Tonic's full spectrum minerals are Absorption-Ready because they are both bio-active and bio-available for the body's own selective utilization.

Each dose provides over 72 minerals and trace elements important to your body's daily function.† No other mineral product offers the breadth and depth of charged ions available in Ionic Tonic. So next time you're looking for increased energy, go for a sure thing. Ionic Tonic. Absolutely charged!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review