Transformation Enzymes CalmZyme 100 count


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CalmZyme- 100 count


Transformation Enzyme Co., no fillers

CalmZyme was formulated for the purpose of stress relief. It feeds and fortifies the nervous system as a whole. Those suffering from insomnia, hypertension, headaches, anxiety, hyperactivity, or any stress-related disorder may thus benefit from this formulation.


Valerian Root is one of the best herbs of a relaxant nature. It is not a narcotic and yet it assists in the relief of pain, promoting a healing effect upon the nervous system. Studies of Valerian have shown a marked increase in concentration abilities and energy levels. It is a primary sedative and will help when sleep disorders are the result of anxiety, nervousness, exhaustion, headache, or hysteria. In addition, it has been especially effective in treating the tachycardia that immediately precedes sleep.

Hops are one of the traditional nervous system (nervine) sedative-type agents used in this formulation. Hops are most commonly used for their calming effect on the nervous system and are recommended for nervous diarrhea, for insomnia, and for restlessness. A recent study showed that Hops truly are sedatives (as opposed to merely muscle relaxers). Hops are also fast-acting.

Skullcap has a history of pain relief usage but has been used even more widely for pains associated with nervous disorders. It may best be considered a minor neural sedative whose main purpose is to induce sleep - a necessary part of all healing.

Wild Lettuce has been used to relieve pain by lessening the excitability of nerves and nerve centers. It has proven useful as a sleep inducer as far back as any record can be found. In the late 1600s, for example, Dr. William Salmon suggested that it was used to induce sleep.

Recommended Usage: Take 1 - 2 capsules as needed for stress relief and/or 3 - 4 capsules before bed to aid in restful sleep. This may need to be taken more than once during the night for an insomniac until they break the pattern. For headaches (including migraines), take 3 capsules of CALMZYME and 2 capsules of EXCELLZYME together as needed.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review