Genestra Amino L-Tyrosine 60 capsules


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Amino Acids
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Genestra Amino L-Tyrosine

Product overview: L-Tyrosine formula Non-essential amino acid Ideal for vegans Convenient capsule format increases patient compliance

Amino L-Tyrosine provides an appropriate concentration of this non-essential amino acid. The capsules are 100% pure vegetable-sourced.

Additional product info: A study aimed to determine if severe cold exposure impairs human cognition and if dietary supplementation with amino acid tyrosine (TYR) would ameliorate such deficits. Volunteers (N=19) completed three test sessions on different days (35 degrees C control/placebo, approximately 10 degrees C/placebo, approximately 10 degrees C/TYR) using a double-blind, within subjects design. During each session, volunteers completed two 90-minute water immersions and consumed a food bar (150 mg/kg TYR or placebo) before each immersion (total TYR 300 mg/kg). The study demonstrated that cold exposure degrades cognitive performance and supplementation with TYR alleviates working memory decrements (1) . Another study evaluated the effect of tyrosine supplementation on cognitive, psychomotor, and physical performance following a cold water immersion protocol that lowered body core temperature. Fifteen subjects completed a control trial (CON) in warm (35 degrees C) water and two cold water trials, each spaced a week apart. Subjects ingested an energy bar during each trial; on one cold trial (TYR) the bar contained tyrosine (300 mg/kg body weight), and on the other cold trial (PLB) and on CON the bar contained no tyrosine. The data of the study support previous findings that dietary tyrosine supplementation is effective for mitigating cold-induced cognitive performance such as working memory, even with reduced core temperature, and extends those findings to include the psychomotor task of marksmanship (2) .

Other ingredients: Hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, silica


(No reviews yet) Write a Review