MBi Nutraceuticals Facial Cleanser 8 oz.


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Ingredient 1:
Coc-glucoside citrate
Ingredient 2:
Coconut oil
Ingredient 3:
Sandalwood oil

Product Overview

MBi Nutraceuticals Facial Cleanser 8 oz.


Gently cleanse and refresh the skin with our Facial Cleanser. This cleanser not only leaves skin clean, but softer too. Promotes healing and repair by stimulating blood circulation in the skin.


Facial Cleanser nourishes and revitalizes your skin to help it look and feel healthier. It does more than leave skin clean, fresh, and soft. The rich, luxurious formula adds firmness and radiance. Facial Cleanser will remove dirt, oil, and makeup without leaving your face feeling dry.

Our proprietary complex helps to visibly improve evenness of skin tone, reduce fine lines, and diminish dullness. This enhances skin clarity and helps skin appear softer, brighter, and fresher. Facial Cleanser contains herbal oils, which stimulate skin to increase circulation and hydration.


Ascorbyl DMAE is a natural surfactant harvested from fish and complexed with Vitamin C. Vitamin C works well to reduce the signs of aging, but when combined with DMAE in our proprietary formula it works even better. It functions to strengthen, smooth, and elasticize tissues and transport nutrients to the cells. It also helps the skin to retain moisture, further reducing fine lines. This complex is amphoteric. It can act as an antioxidant in both the aqueous (watery) parts of cells and the lipid (fatty) parts of cells. This is very important because all cells are surrounded with a lipid membrane which if destroyed causes the destruction of the entire cell.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant. It helps the body use Vitamin C as ascorbic acid in collagen synthesis. It also works with Panthenol in the synthesis of skin amino acids and other skin components.

Polyphenols are catechins derived from green tea extracts. Catechins trap free radicals that damage the skin up to three times better than Vitamin C. Catechins also retard the growth of harmful bacteria in the skin.

MSM is an organic sulfur found in all living organisms. MSM contains the amino acids involved in hair, skin, muscle, and connective tissue formation.

Coenzyme Q10 is part of the mitochondria or energy factors in the body. The mitochondria of the cells make ATP, the energy currency of all cells. Co-Q10 works with all the other B vitamins to fulfill this important step of energy production. It is extremely important for healthy, vibrant skin.

Prepare face by dampening the skin with cloth or fingers. Using fingertips, gently massage a dime sized amount over face; then rinse. Use morning and evening.

MBi Nutraceuticals


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