MBi Nutraceuticals Facial Toner 8 oz.


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Palm kernal extract
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Magnesium chloride

Product Overview

MBi Nutraceuticals Facial Toner 8 oz.


Restore the skin’s pH to the correct balance. Our Facial Toner utilizes our proprietary blend of herbs to refresh the skin.

Facial Toner bathes your skin in a soothing mix of vitamins, minerals, and herbs that gently cleanse the skin leaving it fresh and soft. Facial Toner also returns the skin to its ideal pH, allowing moisturizers to work more effectively. Its specially formulated ingredients help diminish the appearance of pore size, which makes skin appear smoother and more refined. It also helps reduce uneven coloration of the skin and helps to support an even, balanced skin tone.

Facail Toner is used to tone the skin but more importantly it acts as a carrier to supply deep layers of the skin with nourishment and moisture. You will love the way your skin looks and feels with this superior product. Listed below are some of the beneficial ingredients in our Facial Toner.


MSM, an organic sulfur found in all living organisms, contains the amino acids involved in hair, skin, muscle, and connective tissue formation.

Ascorbyl DMAE functions to strengthen, smooth, and elasticize tissues and transport nutrients to the cells. It also helps the skin to retain moisture, further reducing fine lines.

Biotin is involved in the synthesis of skin components through its ability to transfer carbon residues. It promotes healing and healthier looking skin.

Aloe Vera is a plant that promotes healing and increases circulation to the skin. It has been used for centuries to treat various types of skin damage.

Copper is an essential mineral which complexes with the important skin protein elastin. Elastin keeps skin tight and supple. When copper is depleted the skin becomes brittle and loses its elasticity. Copper is also important for the enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase) which is an important enzyme to ward off premature aging and damage to the skin and joints.

Zinc is an important mineral involved in protein synthesis, immunity, healing, respiration, and the enzyme SOD. Zinc helps the skin cells defend against aging and damage.

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